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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Shattered Dreams

Well that's cleared that up then!
The bad luck will now continue for another 7 years if this mornings event in the bathroom is anything to go by:

Smashing! Posted by Hello

I give up...........

The only way is up... or is it?

Last week was a write-off... I've learnt to accept that.

What was to be great about this week was that after my 3 flirts with bad luck last week, I was due some compensation. What better way to be compensated than buy purchasing a winning Lotto ticket?

So I put the backwork in (as they say 'you've got to be in it to win it') and trudged down the shops with my arm slung fashionably across my chest (all the kids are at it these days) and bought myself a lucky ticket to Wednesdays draw. If there were any justice in this world then it would be reasonable to assume that I'd basically won at this point.

What happened?

ONE fecking number. It's a fix!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

G - Unit

It's been an intersting week, all in. Fortunate in some ways as it means i've had genuine fodder to fill this blog with. Most people arn't so lucky in their first few weeks of 'introspective documentation'...

So after cross-country car-less adventures and handy football related accidents, it only seemed fitting that I should return to work and be told that I no longer had a job! well... in this company at least!

IBM has decided to sell it's EDI service, which includes me (+27 others in the UK alone) as part of the deal. Apparently I have no say in this... which is nice. I have real love for IBM now. GXS are my new employers (who? exactly) as of Dec 1st 2004, and will be making me part of the G-Unit elite. One can only assume we will be captained by 'fiddy' himself. Either him or G8 (the artist formerly known as Gazza).

It's been an odd day. I've been on drugs for the majority so perhaps i'll wake up to find this was all a bad dream. Although I suspect I wont.

Isn't that handy!

OK, so this blog wont be the longest one ever... as typing one handed is a less than speedy method of documenting ones life.

Why am I typing one handed you might ask?

Here's why....

Half Man, Half Machine Posted by Hello

It seems I will go to whatever length is neccessary to prove my point that exercise is bad for you!

A potential world record for shortest time on a football pitch before getting seriously injured whilst playing your first game... 20 minutes! Still, I was getting knackered so it was probably a blessing in disguise.

Big up to Mike Greenwell for eleviating my boredom at the hospital, and chauffering me and my car around the Warwick/Leamington district.
Cheers to Steve for popping by and helping me laugh at myself, and for rescuing my leisure wear from the football pitch.
Much Respect Is Due!

OH, and in other news... I got my car back from the garden centre eventually. Isn't that handy seeing as I now cant drive for at least 5 weeks!!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

How very car-less!

So you wake up on a Sunday with a vauge plan of being in Birmingham for 7.00pm later that evening... How hard can it be?

Well, my tip is don't go to PC World before hand.

If you go to PC World at around lunchtime, you might not buy anything from there and decide to go to Coventry and look round the shops for fun ( <<< not sure about my logic there!). Upon doing this you might decide to take a 'scenic' route back to Leamington. Hey, it's Sunday. Sundays are for leasure cruises through the country aren't they?

If you do happen to find yourself in the middle of nowhere and needing the toilet, I would not suggest pulling into a Garden Centre to use their facilities as this would obviously lead you to decide to enjoy a pleasant stroll through some fields to an old bridge and church in the distance. Fresh air and excersise is not so easily obtained in todays world of office based jobs and pub based evenings.

FOR YOU SEE... such a jaunt 'cross feild and meadow, over stream and 'neath berry trees could ultimately lead to you arriving back at said Garden Centre only to find the whole place closed down, gates locked, no-one home.... and your car parked right in the middle! Not the most useful place for it to be i'm sure you will agree.

And then it starts raining!

With coat safely dry inside the car there was only one thing for it. Scale the fence and dodge the barbed wire (anyone who now wishes to ask me comically about my ripped jeans, wondering if I 'have crawled through some barbed wire recently'... the answer is now yes!) to get to my car and coat. Still couldn't get the car out though.

The rest is a long story, so here's the short of it:

2hrs 55mins later I arrive in Birmingham after scaring a middle aged woman to death by arriving unnanounced on her remotely located doorstep, ringing around local places for local people trying to locate the owners of the garden centre, walking a mile further up to 'the only pub for miles', befriending 3 boozed up old boys who agree to share with me the 'secret number' for taxi's willing to travel to the back of nowhere, waiting 30mins+ for the magic taxi, spending £20 for the journey to Cov Station, and jumping a train (only had 50p left) to Birmingham New Street.

Then saw GLC gig, it was fab!

Now todays mission is to return and find my car and pray the gates are open.
Fingers Crossed!

Friday, October 08, 2004

My First Post!

Hello All,
And welcome to the first ever post in my first ever blog (short for 'Bum LOG').

So fascinated have I become by the insanity of ordinary people documenting their everyday lives for the benefit of their friends (who incidently are largly aware of the happenings held within, as they we're most probably present at the event anyway), that I have for some reason been propelled to create my own.

I've never even kept a secret diary before, let alone a public one... I am quite nervous... I feel like I am the newest contestant in the worlds biggest 'reality media' event.

Well here I go anyway, may you be instantly bored with what you find within.